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Home Media Systems


Filling your home with music helps to set those memorable moments with friends and family. The soundtrack of our lives is often etched on our subconscious minds. Whether it’s creating a relaxing, romantic mood for a couples evening, having a fun dance party with the kids or entertaining friends and family, music will always be the heartbeat of the home.


Mount Rose Music provides home audio solutions for a single room or systems that provide music throughout the entire residence. As technology advances rapidly, our team realizes that it’s unjust to burden the homeowner with a huge bill for updating established electronics and systems. That’s why we take pride in working with our loyal clientele to offer creative solutions to challenging problems. A touch of audio magic and laser-focused science helps us work with homeowners, installing premier sound systems that are easily upgradeable as technology changes.


Even better, no upgrades are necessary for the magnificent enduring speakers we offer. We design and install premier sound systems to fill the home with rhythms and melodies at any volume level combined with a unique style of personal taste. We can design a discerning listening experience in a single room that easily surpasses the best musical performance you’ve ever heard. We are not a “trust me” installer. We realize the design and installation of a custom home sound system is an investment in more ways than one, commanding time, money, and passion—and our commitment to you is unwavering.


No matter what others claim, nobody is an expert in everything. We are experts in Audio, Video, and Networking.  In order to get the most out of streaming with many family members on at once, networking is an important part of the home experience and is often not properly paid attention to, which can result in serious slowdowns. When you make Mount Rose Music your partner, you ensure a completely satisfying experience from conception to completion. 



Take care of business with Mount Rose’s commercial technology solutions and systems maximized for attention-grabbing audio and visual presentations. As the ideal source to meet your business needs, Mount Rose Music simplifies and streamlines sophisticated systems in your boardroom and conference rooms, offering pioneering and leading edge multimedia and presentation tools that are designed to help your business to captivate your audience and land more sales every time. Designed, programmed and installed by our technicians, your boardroom will now have video and audio calibration, colors and lightning that are designed to magnify the attention span of a client-filled audience with vivid graphics, sterling imagery, and crisp audio. 

Home Theater


The shades close, the lights dim…and the movie begins. This is home theater redefined; a luxurious mix of high-end electronics and fine home design. Mount Rose Music takes the home cinema experience to a lofty new level with complete design, networking and installation of premium projectors and exclusive surround sound systems. Vivid images and a panoply of colors pop from every inch of the screen as clear, crisp sound brings the action on the screen to life. We give you highly-stylized, acoustically treated environments featuring the finest brands in home theater furnishings and the most advanced acoustic and projector technology. We want our customers to be immersed in unique, entertainment experiences. During the conception phrase of development, our technicians incorporate acoustic measurements, calibrations of surroundings, and scaling of voice accuracy. Mount Rose is attentive to granular details to provide absolute value for your home theater experience. Even being conscious of seats that face forward to the screen, a screen that is way too small for the back row, and remedying a non-sealed door so those pounding bass notes never escape. Being highly specialized technicians mainly dedicated to audio/visual engineering, they will insure that the development of your entertainment journey will allow you to have choices, solutions, and access to unbiased expertise. Mount Rose Music can also add enhancement of existing systems. Mount Rose Music ardently pays attention to all details while obtaining timely completion of projects. Our mission is more than keeping our promises; we exceed them.

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