The Gryphon Diablo series 300 Amplifier

All Gryphon products are designed and manufactured in Denmark. The manufacture of certain key components is sub-contracted to companies approved for Mill spec production and involved in R&D and manufacture of military and medical equipment to the strictest standards.

Through these sub-contractors Gryphon gains access to the most advanced assembly techniques and know-how, which would otherwise be unavailable to a small, independent company.

Gryphon makes considerable investments in software and hardware for sophisticated testing. Each module in every Gryphon product has its own individual test certificate. When the modules are assembled in a complete functional unit, it, too, is subjected to comprehensive function tests with results recorded in a test certificate.: Every Gryphon unit is individually tested. After a 48-hour burn-in sequence, each product is undergoing both electronically and audio performance tests again.

The Gryphon