Frequently asked questions

Mount Rose Music isn’t what you would call inexpensive, why go there?

Audio and video done right can be breathtaking and unforgettable. We want everyone to have this experience, and we want to make all the equipment and expertise available in one place right here in the Tahoe/Reno area. We live in Washoe County. This is our community. We can provide our customers with a home entertainment experience that consistently exceeds their highest expectations. When our customers look at and experience their dream entertainment systems, I want them to have the same experience I have when I look at Mount Rose from my house.

What is Mount Rose Music?

Mount Rose music is a must-visit destination spot for our clients to see, hear, feel, and touch the absolute best entertainment components and systems available anywhere in the world. We’re not about margins or our own conveniences. We’re about making audio-visual entertainment an art form. That’s why we have clients coming from all over North America literally.

Where is Mount Rose Music?

We have two locations, one just off Mount Rose highway 431 where the pinnacle of AudioVideo entertainment is displayed. A media room, outdoor play area with Rockoustics, Focal, Phase Linear, Seurra TVs , a cinema with ProAudio Technology, Trinnov , and Sony Laser, a media room with Sony , Cineak, D’agistino, an incrdible dedicated 2 channel stereo acoustically treated room. , as well as a showroom on South Virginia Ave. which also has a cinema, over 30 different headphones headphone amps, a large variety of vinyl, speakers, turntables and streamers.

What is the main advantage of Mount Rose Music?

We talk to the client. We ascertain their likes and needs, musically, technically and aesthetically. We don’t use a “cookie-cutter” approach. Every job is unique. Every client is special. Every customer deserves to know the true value of what they are buying. A client doesn’t buy a watch, appliances, or automobile without research, why should they purchase entertainment/media that way? We are experts. We take the time necessary to choose, compare, and match systems with people. All our customers start with a vision. We refine and enhance that vision through our expertise and guidance.

Is Mount Rose Music better than buying online?

Absolutely! We are entirely competitive with online outlets for the products we carry. We have expert support consultants ready to guide you to equipment that is precisely right for you. And best of all you can compare products in a live setting. When you leave our location, or after we have done a home demo, you will you know that your entertainment vision is going to become something better than you ever envisioned.

How expensive are systems at Mount Rose Music?

We have some excellent alternative systems that start at $699, and we go up to $750,000. We have home inwall speakers that will blow your socks off for $79 a pair. We’re about being the best for any application regardless of the price. There are no limits on the quality and value that we can make available for our customers. We want our customers to have options beyond the ordinary. We don’t settle for anything that isn’t the best value in its’ category. Our customers will know that with us they can reach for the limits without compromising dependability, functional reliability and awesome aestethetics.

Why the brands Mount Rose Music carries?

Every line is handpicked for a specific purpose. For instance, the Sonus Faber line from Cremona, Italy is a work of art. Their speakers have garnered numerous international commercial and home design awards, and they sound pretty damn good as well!

How much does home or commercial installation cost?

Basic delivery and setup up is free. We’ll install any two-channel standalone system for FREE. Your equipment receives the “White Glove” treatment from the store to your desired location. Description and cost of custom installation depend on how the clients and we see it all coming together in the entertainment environment. We know the equipment is just the first puzzle piece of the experience. We want to integrate the system into the way you live. We’ll work with our clients to make that magic happen.

Does Mount Rose Music build home theaters?

We love building home, theatres! The wilder the idea, the more excited we get! Another of our favorites is commercial installations. The impact we can make on presentations in the workplace causes an increase in employee productivity and engagement. The attention span of employees is proven to go up dramatically when employers utilize top-notch audio and video presentations. With those kinds of results, the investment pays for itself.

What’s the difference between Mount Rose Music and a Big Box Retailer like a Best Buy?

Imagine if we were comparing Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdale’s to a Ralph Lauren store. All three are customer-centric stores with knowledgeable, qualified people devoted to exceeding customer expectations. But if you want Purple Label, if you want the very best inventory, jewelry and people rigorously trained in Ralph Lauren, you go to the Ralph Lauren store. Big Box retailers haven’t dedicated their entire professional lives to things like two-channel audio or headphones. At Mount Rose, we tend to “live our profession.” It’s not just a job, but a passion. You can’t get a pair of Danish Gryphon speakers online, or at a big box retailer. You can only get them from people who are qualified 5j Gryphon and chosen for their passion and commitment.

Why does Mount Rose Music sell all those colored speakers?

We sell all the colors from rich wood grains to vivid automotive colors. One of our displays shows a speaker painted McLaren LavaOrange and Black. You can sometimes see that same color scheme on a McLaren outside the retail store /. We follow and support all the best speaker designers in the world. Many of them are real artists. Integrating superior sound with master craftsmanship brings entertainment and aesthetics together in ways that enhance the overall experience for our clients. And by the way, all the work we do has to pass my wife’s home compatibility test. If it doesn’t pass the “wife acceptance test”, we don’t stock it.

Does Mount Rose Music sell records?

Yes, audiophile and regular. We have many 180 gram pressings and some incredibly rare Japanese vinyl.

What are the best record players on the market?

Well, the ones we carry, of course! We start with AudioTechics , go to Marantz , then ClearAudio , AMG, and finally Techdas . So we have British, Japanese, German, and American turntables for different results, prices, and design aesthetics.

What events are coming up at Mount Rose Music?

Cedia is coming up September, we'll be there evaluating all the best new products. We'll be having an August listening session of MSB dacs free to attend, please email us to join us.


Absolutely! Come in, pick out and listen. We have Audeze, Abyss, Westone, Audio Technica, Focal, IFI, and Audioquest headphones and personal audio dacs and amplifiers.