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About Us

Our Story


Does it sound superb? Does it foster beautiful aesthetics? Are the performance and functionality superior?  These are the three basic questions that were the driving force for Chris LaPlante to open Mount Rose Music in the greater Lake Tahoe area. 

A life long audiophile, Chris is no hi-fi neophyte when it comes to refined sound and entertainment systems. 

With over 30 years of experience in the measurement of sound decibels, treatment of acoustics and vibration, Chris LaPlante is considered by many of his professional peers to be in the vanguard of audio engineering and is often known within the industry as the “Cynosure of Sound.”

When Chris sold the successful business he founded, Excalibur Engineering, he decided to harness his passion for premiere entertainment systems by introducing elite products and unique brands to people who prefer to live life at the peak. 

All premier systems offered at Mount Rose Music are hand selected by a panel of experts for a particular reason—to add value to your life, home, and office! 

Chris’s philosophy is that entertainment experiences should honor the clarity, beauty, and ease that elite sight and sound systems produce.

All of Mount Rose’s products and brands are designed to amplify your daily life with their alluring aesthetics, functional applications, and the breathtaking effects of their sensory delights.

As a member of Vistage CEO roundtable for many years, Chris first came up with the simple, sterling notion to design with distinction and build entertainment systems that “look good, sound good, and work good.”  

Chris has seen too many entertainment systems that operate on a mediocre level, need constant upgrades, and that look and sound dull — cheap systems manufactured for the masses in cookie cutter fashion. 

A former United States Marine, Chris knows what it means to be above the rest. Chris has stated, “I know the difference when it comes to distinction. When an entertainment system is intimately designed for an individual from conception to completion, it’s magic meshing with science. I am creating harmony with the products I offer.”

Tyler is a Linux Engineer who also has a passion for high quality audio equipment. Tyler does Systems Administration and manages the website, and other related Information Technology systems.

Why Us?

Mount Rose Music of the greater Lake Tahoe area is a full-service audio and visual company that provides exclusive, high-caliber audio and visual products. We offer custom design services for all kinds of homes and businesses. We thrive on giving our customers the best service as well as upscale design ideas and solutions that will fit their needs, visions, and budgets.

Our team offers an array of engineering expertise, impeccable craftsmanship, reliability and integrity that others cannot equal; including loaners, in house consultations, and money back trial periods for standard, in-stock items. 

The experts at Mount Rose Music test all equipment as they measure, design, and install your entertainment systems. We own and deploy Real-Time Analyzers, Sound Level Meters, Jitter Analyzers, Colorimeters, Laser Levelers, and Electronic Tachometers, to name just a few. 

We are not satisfied until you feel we have exceeded your expectations. It’s all part of Mount Rose Music’s everyday commitment to providing high-quality audio and visual products and outstanding, personalized customer service. 

Whether we are installing a turntable cartridge or designing a commercial theater, you can depend on a sophisticated, scientific methodology, executing by implementing the most advanced tools of innovative technology.  

Mount Rose Music honors careful listening and experienced video observation to provide maximum value to all of our entertainment experiences.

Every item, every line, is handpicked for a specific application. From listening to music at dinner, experiencing media rooms, or enjoying noise-canceling headphones during an international trip, Mount Rose Music knows that the symphony of your life should be felt as if from a sensory mountaintop. 

Pristine sounds, majestic visuals, and high-quality performances that can be viscerally experienced—that’s our gift to you. Life is good on the summit!

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